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Status of the RUAEA Denver Office and DENTK


Effective March 28, 2020 the RUAEA Denver Office at DENTK is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 virus.  The Training Center remains open to accomplish a higher then normal level of pilot training frequencies due to major adjustments in scheduling caused by the COVID-19 virus.

With the closer of the RUAEA Office adjustments have been made wherein we can continue most of our normal functions, with the help of the local United Facilities Manager, Graham Smith.  Effective 3/31/2020 we began processing Newsletter Membership dues paid by check in the home of Virgil and Martha Gooselaw, with the help of Membership Manager Cas Spokas and Office Secretary Michael Malesardi and his wife Kathy.  This function/system will temporally continue until we can return to our office in the DENTK complex.
A down side to this temporary relocation is there will be no one in the office to answer the phone and make a return call to address a phone message left on the recorder.  Why - the phones in the training center are run on a system paid for by United Airlines and we, RUAEA, are not part of the contract.  Therefore to communicate with the Denver Office use email (ruaea@qwestoffice.net) or snail mail, RUAEA 7401 MLK BLVD, Denver, CO 80207 and understand that you’ll get a response, but it may not be immediate.
If you pay your dues by check continue to mail to RUAEA 7401 MLK BLVD, Denver, CO 80207 and we encourage everyone that can to pay your dues via credit card, on the RUAEA web site at www.ruaea.org.  If you have change of address, you can also use the credit card feature to accomplish it.  It will require you to make a $1.00 contribution to activate the system, but it will really be a help for the folks in the Denver Office.
Please understand that with the current temporary arrangements our system at times will be slower than normal, but we will do our best to accommodate our members.

NOTE:  When contacting the Denver Office with a dues check, snail mail or email please include your file number.

If renewing your membership or changing your address we recommend using the RUAEA web site at www.ruaea.org  Note: all address changes or dues submitted either by check or credit card must be received in the Denver Office by the first of the month that you want the change to be effective.

  1. Go to www.ruaea.org
  2. On left hand side of homepage, click on "renew membership"
  3. Insert your file number, numbers only, no letters
  4. Enter your last name
  5. Review the information and make sure it is correct
  6. There is a box you can write a note which may be printed in the newsletter
  7. Also check the circle if the billing address is different than the mailing address
  8. Check the newsletter option:
    • One year membership - $35 for online and mailed newsletter
    • One year membership - $30 for online newsletter
    • One year membership - $30 for mailed newsletter
    • Contribution
  9. Secure checkout
  10. Enter your credit or debit card information
  11. Submit order

If you are only changing your address online:

  1. Follow the above procedure.
  2. Where you review your address, put in the new address.
  3. Make sure to check the circle if the billing address for your credit card is different than the address just inserted
  4. Choose contribution, and make a contribution of at least one dollar
  5. When prompted, fill in the address to which your credit card bill is sent
  6. Submit your order, which is to change your address
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