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New Pass Travel Summary for Retirees
- posted 2/16/2012

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Tentatively scheduled to begin March 3, 2012

This information is taken from the "New United" center column of the Program Chart in Flying Together
This information has been simplified; refer to the Program Chart for full details.

Boarding Priorities:
BP-6s and BP-8s are gone...replaced by:
BP-A: Employees, retirees, and their accompanied pass riders when using VACATION passes.
BP-B: Employees and their accompanied pass riders when using PERSONAL passes.
BP-C: Retirees and their accompanied pass riders when using PERSONAL passes.
BP-D: Unaccompanied pass riders when using a retiree's VACATION pass
Exception: unaccompanied spouse/domestic partner fly on vacation passes at BP-A
BP-E: Unaccompanied pass riders when using a PERSONAL pass.
Exception: retiree's unaccompanied spouse/domestic partner fly on personal passes at BP-C

Retirees' Eligible Pass Riders:
Spouse/domestic partner
Dependent children thru age 25
Two parents
Two enrolled friends (registered annually on Flying Together/All About Me/pass riders)
Note: 2012 companion passes expire on 3/31/2012

Use employeeRES to list for flights
Retirees and their eligible pass riders will receive UNLIMITED personal passes.
Retirees will receive EIGHT annual vacation passes.

Personal passes:
good for service-charge waived* economy class travel & svc charged travel in FC/BC systemwide. If retiree has 25 or more years of service then they (and their pass riders) will
ride service-charge waived* in ALL cabins (FC, BC, Y) system-wide.
*service-charge waived = retirees & pass riders only pay airport/departure/regulatory taxes/fees.

Vacation passes:
good for one-way, multiple segment, service-charge waived* travel in ALL cabins system-wide at the highest boarding priority (BP-A). Valid for 5 years. One pass can be used for retiree and their pass riders when traveling together (accompanied). Roundtrip requires 2 passes


  1. Retiree can fly with all accompanied pass riders at BP-A SFO-IAD-CDG and use only one vacation pass. Another vacation pass would be needed to fly back together.
  2. If an enrolled friend in PHX wanted to go to Hawaii without retiree, the retiree could give up 2 vac passes (1 for PHX-SFO-HNL and 1 for return); enrolled friend would be BP-D (unaccompanied). Better idea: let enrolled friend use their personal passes to go to Hawaii (BP-E, unaccompanied...not much difference than flying at BP-D).
More information about vacation passes: FlyingTogether/Travel/Pass Travel Policies/Abou
Check out the Q&A and view chart for "New Vacation Pass Program (2012)"

Important notice: WebList retires on March 3

WebList will no longer be available when we complete our transition to the consolidated SHARES passenger service system (PSS) planned for March 3. At that time, all co-workers, retirees and eligible pass riders will list for personal or company business travel through employeeRES.
employeeRES is available through Flying Together's home and Travel pages. We are making design and navigation changes to employeeRES that will debut on March 3. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with basic procedures in the current version of employeeRES before the PSS transition, especially if you are a frequent traveler or commuter.

To prepare for the transition:

* Employees will be restricted from creating space available reservations in WebList for travel after March 31.
* If you already have a listing in WebList/Apollo for travel on or after March 3, the reservation record will move to employeeRES/SHARES along with other passenger records. You will be able to access these itineraries under My Travel Plans.
* As part of our combined reservation system, all existing travel plans will be issued a new confirmation number. When checking in, online or at the kiosk, the old confirmation number automatically be referenced to the new.
* If you are unable to find the original stand-by reservation record under My Travel Plans, please create a new reservation.
* If you need to change an itinerary after it transfers to employeeRES, you will need to delete the reservation and create a new one in employeeRES.

For questions, please send an email to ETC@united.com

Important Notice - 1-800-UAL-LIST

On March 3rd the 1-800-UAL-LIST automated number for listing on flights will be
changed to United E-Pass, new phone number 1-866-359-3727.

Look for step by step instructions on the Flying Together website under the
Travel tab in the very near future on how to use the new E-Pass line and on
how to list for flights in Employee-Res.

For questions, please send an email to ETC@united.com

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