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Sunsetting our previous employeeRES on December 13

  - updated12/13/2018

The new employeeRES has been running side-by-side with the previous version during a beta period that started in August, and since mid-November all employees and retirees have had access. This has given folks a chance to get used to the new site while still having the old, familiar version available in case they wanted to use it. Hopefully you’ve tried the new employeeRES and seen the benefits of a modern system with helpful new features. It makes our exciting travel privileges even easier to use and opens up whole new ways to look at booking pass travel!

We want to thank you all for your feedback and let you know that we continue to make adjustments based on what you’ve said. For example, we’re in the process of making some navigation improvements and search result display changes, and we’re updating to allow searching more than 60 days out. These will all be live very soon. In addition, we’re working on other new and exciting features that we’ll launch in 2019, as well as continuing to address the feedback we receive from you.

We also have an important date for you to keep in mind: On December 13, 2018, the previous version of employeeRES will be discontinued, and after that only the new employeeRES will be available. We would recommend familiarizing yourself with the new employeeRES before then to make sure you’re ready for the change. (Pass riders who have access to book and manage travel will still use the old version of their site temporarily. We’ll let you know in advance when they will switch over.)

You can use the new employeeRES now or learn more about the new features and find quick-reference guides on the New employeeRES Information page on Flying Together under the Travel tab. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the Employee Travel Center through Help Hub or by calling 1-877-UAL-ESC9 (1-877-825-3729) and following the prompts for “employee travel” and “pass travel questions.”

Click here to see the Flying Together page with all the details!


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