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Who is eligible to join RUAEA?

All former employees of United Airlines, Continental Airlines and their subsidiaries who have reached retirement age are eligible to become members of RUAEA. Spouses of retirees may become a regular member. All may do so by making application and paying the required dues. Widows or Widowers of deceased Regular Members will become Regular Members until the deceased retired employees’ Membership expires. At this time Regular Membership may be continued by paying required dues. Widows or Widowers of Life Members may become Regular Members by paying the required dues. In addition, a spouse of a deceased retired employee, who was not a Regular or Life Member may become a Regular Member by paying the required dues. A spouse of a deceased employee, who at the time of death was eligible for retirement, may also become a Regular Member by paying required dues. Spouses who become Regular Members may continue membership if they remarry. Regular Members may vote and hold National office in the Association. Exceptions may be approved by the Board of Directors.

Dues Domestic Members:

One year - $30.00

Domestic and Foreign Regular members can receive the monthly RUAEA newsletter either via the U.S. mail or the Internet (usually available 3 weeks ahead of the mailed edition). If you would like to have both the Web and US mail options, you can get it for an additional $5.00 per year. NOTE: The option of both paper and Web is not available for Life Members. You can have one but not both.

Dues Canadian Members:

One year - $47.00

Dues Foreign Members:

One year - $52.00 Drawn on a U.S. Bank or paid with an American Express Check

Regular Members from Canada or Foreign locations may receive their Newsletter by the Web only at the Domestic yearly rates. NOTE: Once this option is selected, you cannot revert back to the paper Newsletter until the membership expiration date.

Thank you for your understanding and continued commitment to RUAEA.

One can also request an application form by writing or calling using the information shown on the Contact RUAEA page.

You can also download an application in either

Adobe Acrobat MS Word format or Microsoft Word PDF format

1. Download and complete a membership application from the website.
2. Complete the Membership Application by filling in all of the required information.
3. Mail the completed Membership Application along with the membership fee to:

7401 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Denver, Colorado 80207-2433

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